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    Jinjiang Overview

    Sichuan Jinjiang Hotel (Sichuan Jinjiang Hotel Limited Liability Company), situated on the riverside of Jinjiang River in Chengdu, is known as the Garden Hotel. Jinjiang Hotel covers an area of 50,000 square meters and has become one of Chengdu's landmark buildings with its long history, unique architectural style and significant geographical position.

    Experience High-end conference, customize dedicated service

    The conference center with 20 meeting rooms of various sizes can accommodate approximately 2,300 guests. The deluxe, spacious and comfortable meeting rooms can undertake large, medium and small banquets, buffet, meetings, all kinds of release conferences, wedding parties, etc. The meeting room is equipped with flowers, tea service and modern intelligent audio-visual and business facilities, such as wireless broadband Internet access and computer multimedia presentation system.


    Perfect for the details, just for the most comfortable experience

    The hotel is equipped with more than 700 elegant rooms, including 61 suites, all of which present a variety of styles together with characteristics of humanity, business and comfort. Moreover, there are one-on-one Jinjiang stewards for personal service which is carried out in detail and in time to find and solve the problem. A sewing-filled clothes buckle, a refreshing afternoon tea, and a pool of warm water to relieve fatigue, will enable customers to realize our respect and courtesy.

    Jinge Sakura Japanese Teppanyaki

    The Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant in VIP Building of Jinjiang Hotel, across more than 1,200 square meters, possesses a 514 square meter oversized hanging garden and 6 luxurious private rooms. In the private rooms, 50 customers will be able to enjoy the cuisine with the use of tableware which is all Japanese famous aritayaki at the same time. Both the top ingredients and the most delicate Japanese porcelain are bound to make the extraordinary tour of Japanese food.


    Jinyue French Restaurant

    Jinyue French Restaurant is located on the fifth floor of the VIP Building, covering an area of 2,000 square meters. With the main color of design, red and black, it is filled with fashion and sentiment. The layout design is the masterpiece of French designer Gérard Hyppolite.

    In addition to the 90 seats in the hall and three private rooms, there are two large garden terraces with 400 square meters, where people can enjoy the leisure time with a cup of coffee in the afternoon.


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